Why Realty Asset Management, Inc.?

We save you time, money, and problems. With decades of experience managing properties in the Treasure Valley, we will help you increase your revenue by keeping your property leased and rented at the highest rate for the area. Let us help you keep your costs down with budget-savvy maintenance, too.

Why use a property management company instead of doing it myself?

Your time is valuable, and our experience allows you to spend that time pursuing interests other than worrying about searching for and retaining tenants, repairing properties and collecting rents. We can almost always guarantee a lower rate than other property management companies. You also receive serious discounts for maintenance and repairs and our services include all rent collection and accounting. It’s a low cost, no hassle situation for property owners.

How do you determine rent prices?

First we compare your property to other properties in the area. We then gauge the market and current inventory levels and determine a price that will get you the maximum rent while still keeping the property attractive to renters and leasers. We use our decades of experience in property management to know what the market can bear and how to keep properties occupied.

How do you screen prospective tenants?

Our prospective tenants complete a comprehensive application and provide us with the authorization to conduct a credit report and a criminal background check. The applicant also agrees to pay the fees associated with the application price to further gain an understanding of they’re intentions.  We carefully screen employment history and rental history, incorporating any other particular additional information an owner may require, provided the request is lawful.

Can you make repairs to my property?

Yes. Realty Asset Management, Inc.,  has its own maintenance crew available around the clock to perform minor repairs and inspect properties to determine the cause. Regular maintenance is also a large concern of ours and we work with our clients to make sure that minor maintenance issues don’t turn into large costly repairs. If a major repair is needed we utilize our construction contractor affiliates or contact one of our many subcontractors directly. Our long term relationships with our vendors mean that we get the best prices and we pass on those savings directly to you the owner.

How do you market vacancies?

We know that our tenants search for apartments on the web. We aggressively market our properties through over 10 of the most popular rental search sites, our website, through our own email marketing, social media, and flyer handouts. Our offices are open from 9am-5pm with a helpful staff to set up rental showings for prospective clients. Our staff can even be available for rental showings on weekends with a specially scheduled appointment from a serious renter. All of our marketing services come at no extra cost to you: it is all included as part of our simple straight forward business model and pricing structure.

Will I work with a direct contact that is responsible for managing my property?

Absolutely! We have a highly qualified staff and you will be assigned a property coordinator who will be experienced both with your property type, whether it be commercial, multifamily, HOA, or single family residents. Most of our staff is cross trained in all areas of property management and can assist you in any need. One of the most important aspects of property management is communication and having your concerns addressed as soon as possible.

Do you collect rent and security deposits, and serve notices and evictions?

Yes, and as a Certified Property Manager, we follow an enforceable code of conduct to respectfully perform all of the functions of the property management business. We provide all of the expected services that come with property management, including collecting payments, paing invoices or mortgages as requested, book keeping, inspecting properties, handling evictions, and all of the other functions previously described.