Why Realty Asset Management, Inc.?

Our company will save owners time, money, and problems. With over 30 years of experience in managing properties in the Treasure Valley, Realty Asset Management, Inc. is able to increase revenue by keeping properties leased and rented at the highest rate for the area. The many services including accounting, rent collection and distribution and hired, accessible maintenance are but a few of the examples of the company’s various abilities that other companies do not offer.

Why use a property management company instead of doing it myself?

Every property owner’s time, investment and financial security is the highest priority for the team members at Realty Asset Management, Inc. Proper management includes a working knowledge of the legal aspects of tenant/landlord relationships, familiarity with construction and maintenance protocols, and 24/7 availability. Realty Asset Management, Inc., offers all of these, in addition to a lower fee rate than most other management firms. Realty Asset Management, Inc., has a full-time maintenance staff dedicated to service for Owner and tenant. Additionally, decades of business in management and development has fostered relationships with trusted and reliable contractors who discount their services to Realty Asset Management, Inc., savings which are passed to the Owner. Realty Asset Management, Inc.’s main goal is to ensure that clients are comfortable and satisfied with the care, respect and attention demonstrated to both the owner and the property.

How does Realty Asset Management, Inc. determine rent prices?

A Comparable Market Survey or “comp” is the initial action performed when gathering information about suggested rental rates. An owner’s leasable property is compared and assessed to similar properties in the surrounding area. The staff then gauges the current level of supply and demand. This creates an understanding of what percentage of space or living units are available, creating competitive pricing to retain existing and attract new tenants.

How does Realty Asset Management, Inc. ensure they attract and retain responsible tenants?

Prospective residential tenants complete a comprehensive application and provide us with the authorization to conduct a credit report and a criminal background check. This type of screening allows the staff access to the applicant’s payment history on loans, collection bureaus and any evictions that may have occurred. Employment history, verified proof of income and current job status through inquiries to the listed employer, as well as detailed rental history, is included in this research.

Commercial tenants are screened on different protocols, depending upon the type of building they will be occupying and the nature of their business. Please contact Realty Asset Management, Inc. for specifics.

Can Realty Asset Management, Inc. make repairs to my property?

Yes. Realty Asset Management, Inc. has its own maintenance and lawn care crew trained to perform tasks such as minor repairs to complete property remodels. An inspection of the property is always done when any service request is made to determine the direct cause. Regular maintenance is also a service some other agencies do not offer; this ensures that a minor repair does not become a costly and extensive issue. If a major repair is needed, Realty Asset Management, Inc. has the ability to utilize the construction and contractor affiliates or the construction team employed by Realty Asset Management, Inc. Long term, trustworthy relationships with outside vendors gives owners the opportunity to receive the best prices and best service available to their needs.

How are vacancies marketed through Realty Asset Management, Inc.?

Many prospective tenants search online for homes and offices that meet their needs. Realty Asset Management, Inc. aggressively markets properties through ten of the most popular rental search sites, the Realty Asset Management, Inc.’s website, social media, open houses and flyer handouts. The physical offices are open from 9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday, and showings can also be arranged upon request on Saturdays. All the offered marketing services come at no extra cost to owner clients and are included as part of our complete menu of services.

Will I work with a direct contact that is responsible for managing my property?

Absolutely! Realty Asset Management, Inc. has a highly qualified staff who are experienced with the specified property type, available to assist owners and tenants daily. The staff is carefully trained on all aspects of property management. Communication is the foundation for Realty Asset Management, Inc. The company’s team members, from the Principles through to Maintenance, are in daily contact with one another. This open communication ensures the attention to detail and quick response time every owner and tenant expects.

Does Realty Asset Management, Inc. collect rent/security deposits?

Yes, and as a Certified Property Manager, Tricia Callies requires all employees follow an enforceable code of conduct to respectfully perform the functions of the property management business. Realty Asset Management, Inc. provides bookkeeping and accounting options such as collecting payments, paying invoices or mortgages as requested, handling the costs of evictions, as well as reporting unpaid invoices and rents to a collection bureau. Realty Asset Management, Inc. will collect rent via check, money order, or online through the website. Cash is not accepted to ensure the integrity of both the tenants and Realty Asset Management, Inc.’s staff. Rents are distributed to owners through a monthly draw, either deposited into a specified bank account, or in check form mailed directly to the owner’s specified address. Security deposits are collected at the time of lease signing and are held in a secure bank account managed by Realty Asset Management, Inc.

How are tenant caused current or post move-out damages handled?

Realty Asset Management, Inc. anticipates responsibility regarding tenant care for their leased property. Our leasing process provides documentation of the condition of each unit prior to the Tenant’s possession. Every tenant is held to the standard of treating the property as though they personally owned it. Any damages which are the responsibility of the tenant will be billed to the tenant directly to be paid in full for repairs. All legal means are employed to protect the Owner’s investment.

How are evictions handled by Realty Asset Management, Inc.?

Evictions are rare with tenants of Realty Asset Management, Inc. because of our extensive screening process. In the event that eviction becomes unavoidable, legal steps are taken in conjunction with our attorney to remove the tenant as quickly as possible and release the property for the Owner. The legal fees are attached to the evicted tenant for collection.